Monday, 21 September 2015

Allegiant 'Beyond The Wall' | Teaser Trailer Discussion

Watch the teaser trailer first!

The first teaser trailer for Allegiant was released this weekend! To be fair half of the 1 minute and 50 seconds of the trailer was just scenes from Divergent and Insurgent (I have read and watched these thanks) but we did get some cool scenes of Tris and the group escaping the city, running around on the weird Mars-like place and later talking to David in the headquarter area.

Now Allegiant is definitely my least favourite book from this series so naturally I don't think it was a great idea to split the movie into two parts since not a lot actually happens in this book. However it seems that the movies might make some changes to the plot since in the end of Insurgent Jeanine was cut out of the story and some characters who have important storylines in Allegiant (*cough* Uriah and Zeke *cough*) weren't introduced or barely given a backstory in the movie adaptations.

Also before I start can we quickly talk about the second Allegiant movie being called Ascendant?? I don't have a huge problem with it being called something else but I really don't think Ascendant is a fitting name for the story that it's going to tell. I was also wondering, wouldn't it be really confusing for people who aren't aware of the change and are expecting Allegiant Pt. 2? 

But back to the teaser trailer: 

+ I think the build up in the trailer was really cool and the action scenes were cut together really well but there wasn't really any explanation of what was happening and where they went after they got beyond the wall, might be a little confusing for people who have not read the books to understand.

+ The actor playing David (Jeff Daniels) really fits the part and though we only see him a little at the very end he looks just like the David I pictured in my head while reading the book.

- I'm really confused by the shots of the world and buildings beyond the wall. In the book it was described as the world right now, except abandoned for a hundred years. The world in the trailer looks like Mars with the red earth and the buildings and technology is so futuristic and sort of looks like the Erudite quarters in Insurgent, when in the book it was stressed that the world was like it is now and things aren't meant to be super modern or anything. 

+ This isn't really relevant to the story and it is a bit weird how her hair changes so much as the movies progress but I'm really liking Shailene/Tris' new hair. It looks more like the length that Tris was described cutting it to in Insurgent. 

- One of the few parts I really enjoyed from Allegiant was the scenes in the Chicago airport and there weren't any clips of that in the teaser...oh well I really hope they do include that in the movie though.

I'm also wondering what they're going to do about Uriah and Zeke's storylines especially since Uriah only appeared in Insurgent (and even then didn't get much of an introduction or story) and Zeke has been completely ignored so far. Overall this teaser trailer is nice for giving us a look into the settings and style of the movie but it doesn't really get into the story yet, I suppose that's for the full trailer.

What did you think about the teaser trailer? Do you have high expectations for Allegiant?


  1. Seriously why is it being called Ascendant. Out of everything they could have chosen they chose that. Nicely done Robert Schwentke

    1. Yeah I really don't think it fits but I also can't think of anything else they could have called it..:')