Sunday, 4 October 2015

The Taylor Swift Book Tag ♕

If you know me you'll know that I love love love Taylor Swift so I was bound to do this tag at one point or another. I saw this tag on some blogs and on YouTube and I took these questions (with the added ones at the end) from Katytastic's video.

1. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
(pick a book or series that you were pretty sure you were in love with, but then wanted to break up

I think the obvious answer for this song is the Divergent series but if I had to choose another one I think I'd go with the Secret series by Pseudonymous Bosch. The first two books in this series were really really good, the plot was really good and the fantasy parts were blended in really well but as the series continued on the story was so dragged out and just not fun to read anymore.

2. Red

(pick a book with a RED cover)

See what I did there?? Red is even in the title :D :D Moving on..Ruby Red has a very red cover and it's also a very good book! It was originally written in German but I can't read an entire book in German so I read the translation in English and it was a super fun story with cool mythology I hadn't read before.

3. The Best Day

(pick a book that makes you feel nostalgic)

I think any Enid Blyton book makes me feel nostalgic because those were the books that really made me get into reading and remind me of when I was younger and first discovered all these awesome children's books :) My favourite series (because most of her books were in series) were definitely Malory Towers and the Adventure series (with Diana, Phillip, Lucy-Anne and Jack, just clarifying  because the series name is so vague).

4. Love Story

(pick a book with forbidden love)

I think I'll go with Daughter of Smoke and Bone for this one because that had not one but two forbidden love situations and the connection was so awesome and I just loved this book. (I haven't actually read the next two books in the trilogy and I know I should really get to them because so many people love these books (please don't kill me))

5. I Knew You Were Trouble

(pick a book with a bad character you couldn’t help but love)

*OH* *OHHHH* TROUBLE TROUBLE TROUBLE {getting carried away singing the 1989 Tour remix oopsss} Ok so for this song I don't really have an answer but I do have evil/villainous characters that I loved reading about (not that I loved them as people no no) so I think I'll go with Bellatrix from Harry Potter because she's such a cool and unique villain and I loved reading about her.

6. Innocent

(pick a book that someone ruined the ending for)

Hahahahhaaa Allegiant *cries forever and ever* I accidentally spoiled myself on this book on Instagram but I hated this book so much and to be honest I don't think it matters that much that I was spoiled because not knowing ~ that thing that happened ~ while I read the book would just make me 10000x more mad :(

I'm still an innocentttt 🎶 (Veronica Roth not so much after this betrayal)

7. Everything Has Changed

(pick a character from a book who goes through extensive character development)

I think this Perks is sort of obvious if you've know what the story is about or have read the book/watched the movie because the whole story is about the main character Charlie meeting new people, having new experiences and basically going through a lot of character development. Buuttt I'm still choosing it because it was such a good book and there were in fact multiple characters that go through extensive character development.

8. You Belong With Me

(pick your most anticipated book release)

Welll right now my most anticipated book release is the first Magnus Chase book, The Sword of Summer which comes out in one day wooo!! I'm forever going to miss the one and only Percy Jackson but I am so ready for a new Rick Riordan book :D Also can we appreciate this gorgeous cover, I have no idea why there is a wolf thing there but it is so prettyyy!

9. Forever and Always

(pick your favorite book couple)

Percabeth!! From the Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus series if you aren't aware already. I love love love both Percy and Annabeth as their own characters and together they're so funny and sassy and I just love reading about them. *sort of SPOILER* Also that scene in Mark of Athena where Annabeth drops her dagger in the sea and Percy pops up with a straight face...that, that was perfection!

10. Come Back, Be Here

(pick the book you would least like to lend out, for fear of missing it too much)

Hahaaa well I don't think I'd mind lending out books because I only lend out my books to very good friends and if they have it, I'd be so happy that they're reading a book I love so much...but if I had to choose (although I'm not sure anyone would actually want to borrow this in the first place...:') I'd say my Harry Potter Film Wizardry book because it is glorious and I may or may not just look at and admire this wonderful book sitting in my bookshelf sometimes...


11. Teardrops On My Guitar

(pick a book that made you cry a lot)

Clockwork Princess oh my god this book. I turned into a puddle of tears while reading this book and I could not stop crying even after it was over. So much happens in this book that is heartbreaking but it has it's hilarious parts as well, both so perfectly balanced. Basically every page of this book is perfection and if you have not read the Infernal Devices series yet you should do that right now!!!

12. Shake It Off

(pick a book that you love so much, you just shake off the haters)

I didn't absolutely love this book but I did really enjoy Reached which is the final book in the Matched trilogy. A lot of people felt that the book was too dragged out or we got introduced to lots of new characters but I personally liked getting to know those characters and found the ending to be very satisfying. Shaking off the haters :)

That's it for the Taylor Swift book tag, I don't have specific people I would like to tag so I'll tag everyone who reads this to write their own post! If you don't want to write an entire post, just pick some songs and books and write them in the comments :)


  1. This tag was so fun to read! I love all your choices and I don't have the time to do the whole tag (plus we would probably have a lot of similar choices :P) so I chose just a few songs to relate to books.

    2. Red -> The Martian: ...well, the cover might be more orange than red but I recently read this book and saw the movie and I just love it so so much I had to bring it up <3
    3. The Best Day -> Twilight: I don't particulary like Stephenie Meyer's writing style anymore but the Twilight saga was such a huge part of my life for a long time and even though I don't like the story as much anymore, it'll forever hold a special place in my heart :P
    4. Love Story -> Daughter of Smoke & Bone trilogy: I know you already mentioned it but the love situations in these books really fit this song and MAN I've read the whole trilogy and the story just gets so so much more intricate and complex and oh my goshh you have to read it!
    6. Innocent -> The Mark Of Athena: I was spoiled on the ending of this book but that didn't stop me from loving the story so so much <3
    7. Everything Has Changed -> Celaena Sardothien from the Throne of Glass series: That kid goes through SO much character development throughout the series that I can't go into much without spoiling but it's GREAT I love her so much :D

    1. Those are great choices, especially Celaena for character development I don't know how I forgot about her!! I love her character and I love seeing her grow and develop through the series <3