Thursday, 15 October 2015

My Top Five Favourite BookTubers

Around three years ago I realized that there was quite a large book community on the internet and I first came across this community through a BookTube video. I love reading book blogs (and now writing my own!) but watching BookTube videos is really fun and there's a lot of great people there so I thought I'd introduce you to my five favourite BookTubers (in no particular order).

Christine from PolandBananasBooks

If you've watched BookTube videos then I'm sure you'll know Christine because she's made collabs wiht lots of other vloggers specially during events like VidCon and BEA. But if you don't know her, Christine is super funny and bubbly, she makes book talks (with lots of spoilery discussions so beware), book tags, videos with actual authors and other famous people (!!!) and cute little skits. She also has a comedy channel called PolandBananas20 :)

 Liddy from HeyOlivia

 The first BookTube video I ever watched was one of Liddy's birthday bookhauls back when she used to be 'theebookmonster' but times have changed and now Liddy resides in a new YouTube home called HeyOlivia. I love Liddy's taste in books and the mix of YA and other genres she has. She doesn't post as often as some other YouTubers but she does have really great videos and cool video ideas (and a really cute dog as well ❤)

Ariel from ArielBissett (plot twist right)

 Ariel, if you didn't know, is the lovely creator of the BookTubeAThon which is the annual readathon for BookTubers where people post reading updates, responses to challenges, there's giveaways and sleep deprived ranting and it's just a whole lot of fun! Anyway Ariel herself is a pretty cool human, she discusses a huge variety of books and posts lots of really interesting thought provoking discussions. Ariel also writes herself and posted a video of her reading her short story Acetone which I loved so much!

Kat from Katytastic

Kat aka Katytastic is quite a popular BookTuber and she's one of my faves because her humour is on point and she's always so up to date with all the new book related news. She uploads videos about new YA (and some NA/Adult) releases every month, reviews loads of books and does a couple of tags. Her bookshelves are also the most gorgeous thing you will every lay your eyes on (seriously ALL her books match it's so satisfying but makes me hella jealous).

Regan from PeruseProject

Regan is just such a wonderful cute ray of sunshine! Her videos are generally quite short, funny and straight to the point and I'm always so excited when I see her videos on my feed. I love all the genres she talks about (her favourites are fantasy, paranormal and dystopian) and I love that she talks about some not so popular books as well including a couple graphic novels. Regan's personality is so lovely and I completely 100% trust her reccommendations!

So there you have it, my five favourite BookTubers! I'm definitely subscribed to a whole lot more but these are my absolute favourite book people and I love hearing them chatter about their favourite books and reading experiences. (EDIT: I realized that I only included girls but I definitely do watch some guy BookTubers as well! The channels I would recommend are JesseTheReader because he's just adorable and very honest in his reviews, and JoelBooks because his sarcasm and humour is on point.)

Do you watch bookish videos on YouTube? Let me know if you watch any of these BookTubers and comment down below if I missed any of your favourite BookTube channels!


  1. Heyy I love this post! BookTube videos are something I really enjoy, and I love watching book reviews, challenges and tags. Christine and Kat are my two top favourite BookTubers, I loooooove them and all their videos! <3 I have seen a few discussion videos from Ariel and they're so compelling and she seems really nice :)
    I think I will watch some videos from both Liddy and Regan, they sound quite interesting and I think I would enjoy their videos based on what you wrote. Thanks for the suggestions! <3

    1. Yayy thanks! So glad you liked the post and got some suggestions :)
      I love Christine and Kat's videos too they're so hilarious and such awesome people <3 I strive to be like them as an adult :P