Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Where To Get Discounted Books

I love going to large bookstores and going through all the shelves of my favourite genre but most of the times the books there are sold for full price which is actually quite expensive. However I have found a couple of websites where there are discounted or cheaper books with not a huge amount of shipping fees (especially if you live outside the US) and I wanted to share these with you! I have used most of these websites and had good experiences with them and one of them I haven't used but know other Bloggers and BookTubers have used them and recommended them as well.

The Book Depository is definitely one of the best places to get discounted books online, according to me anyway, because they have a lot of different genres and different books within each of the genres. Plus free shipping WORLDWIDE! I'm 100% serious! The company is based in the UK however which means that shipments to places other than Europe, UK and US might take a little longer but I do think it's worth it because they have quite big discounts, around 30%-50% on a lot of books.

AbeBooks is my next suggestion. This website has a lot more used, second hand books and lots of rare and out of print books along with some new books as well. There are tons of different booksellers who sell various types and genres of books. AbeBooks doesn't ship from any particular place, instead each bookseller ships each order themselves so shipping might take different amounts of time depending on where you are ordering from.

BetterWorldBooks is a really unique website. It doesn't have a very big variety in books but it does have lots of cheap books and on top of that, for every book that you purchase they will donate one book to a charity to help literacy initiatives. Also for every $50 you spend on books they will add $5 credit so even more books!!

Now BookOutlet is not a website that I use and it probably won't be very useful to you unless you live in the US because although they have brand new books in both hardcover and paperback from $2-$5 in their biggest sales, the shipping is outrageous to anyplace outside the US. I wanted to buy a couple of books from this site once and my total for my books was about $15 and then the shipping costs were more than double and that was without any express delivery...woooaahhhh!

My last recommendation is to dig through the bargain section in Amazon. If you don't mind buying second hand books then there are some really really cheap books in the bargain section in all genres, a lot even in the YA section. The newer books are a little more expensive and with the shipping costs from the booksellers (because mostly amazon doesn't ship these bargain section books directly) they are almost full price.

I hope I've helped you find some new websites where you can buy cheaper books. Let me know if there are websites that you use for discounted books that I didn't mention in my list :)

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